Nova SBE Professors Among the Most Quoted Scientists Worldwide
Research | 11 November 2022 Nova SBE Professors Among the Most Quoted Scientists Worldwide

Stanford University has released the list of the World's Top 2 % Scientists List identifying circa 200 thousand impactful researchers worldwide and analyzing the output of their research in 2021. Four Professors from Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) are part of the list.

Nova SBE Professors Miguel Ferreira, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Pedro Neves, and Pedro Pita Barros are featured in "The World's Top 2 % Scientists List", ranking the most quoted scientists worldwide for their scientific work. The list includes researchers worldwide from 22 different scientific areas and 176 courses and evaluates the impact of their research in 2021 and throughout their careers.

From exact sciences to humanities, 76 researchers from the various NOVA University Lisbon schools made it into the list.

The World's Top 2% Scientists List is supported by Scopus, an international database of scientific articles that totals the number of citations and uses it to evaluate the impact and the consolidated influence of a given researcher or institution in the progress of scientific knowledge.

Congratulations to our Nova SBE Professors for continuously pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing with expertise that impacts the world.

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