Nova SBE is Launching the Nova SBE Well-Being Workshops
Promoted by Nova | 11 November 2022 Nova SBE is Launching the Nova SBE Well-Being Workshops

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) is committed to promoting an engaging experience, and that means providing the tools to help its community thrive. That’s why Nova SBE is launching the Nova SBE Well-Being Workshops, a series keen on promoting a more knowledgeable and healthier well-being environment.

The Nova SBE Well-Being Workshops will take place throughout the academic year, focusing on different types of well-being to provide its community with the tools to work productively and enjoy life.

The workshops will cover topics such as “Power of Emotions,” “Power of Positive Thinking,” “Power of Presence,” “Power of Clarity”, among others, and will be brought to you by Radek Oros, PhD candidate, Teaching Assistant & Student Well-being Coach at Nova SBE who will receive renowned guests and invite Nova SBE to brainstorm over these.

The first workshop will be “Nova SBE Well-being Workshops – The Power of Authenticity,” and it will take place on November 17, at 2.00 pm, at the Westmont Hospitality Hall. Everyone is invited to discover practical ways to bring out more of the real them in their personal and professional life.

This is one of many initiatives Nova SBE promotes to offer its community an integrated experience and create positive change. In October, the school organized the “World Mental Health Day at Nova SBE” to celebrate World Mental Health Day. And in February, the school will hold its annual well-being event, the Nova SBE Well-Being Week, alongside renowned speakers to foster dialogue and spark change around well-being.

We encourage you to actively participate in all the events Nova SBE is organizing to co-create a positive, supportive, and healthy environment. To be part of the “Nova SBE Well-being Workshops – The Power of Authenticity,” you need to register your presence.

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