Nova SBE Organizes Unique Conference About FinTech
Research | 01 June 2022 Nova SBE Organizes Unique Conference About FinTech

Nova School of Business of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) will host the Fintech Conference, a conference about the fintech ecosystem that will welcome the participation of researchers and representatives from renowned institutions to promote the development of research on this topic and its impact on the industry.

Nova SBE will welcome, next June 7, from 9.30 am to 3.00 pm, the Fintech Conference, dedicated to FinTech and how this ecosystem impacts the market, namely the Iberian market and respective emerging countries. The conference's agenda is scheduled to have two discussion panels. However, its highest moment will be the FinTech Report presentation, produced by the Nova SBE Finance Knowledge Center and the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center, which will analyze the Iberian market and emerging countries in FinTech.

The FinTech Report, written by Professors Cátia Batista and Afonso Eça, firstly analyzes the Iberian ecosystem (Portugal and Spain) to evaluate the FinTech market's dimension and characteristics in this particular geographical location. And secondly, it studies its impact in a different and challenging context, such as Africa.

The conference is organized under the Social Equity Initiative scope and aims to promote the development of research and education around FinTech and its impact on financial services, such as commercial and investment banking and asset management. It also intends to encourage society's knowledge of FinTech, namely its impact on financial literacy and inclusion.

The Fintech Conference will welcome several researchers from universities such as University Frankfurt and FDS Moçambique and representatives from institutions like Banco de Portugal, SALTPay, and the European Banking Authority, and attendance is free of charge. Nevertheless, you need to register your presence to participate. Don't miss it!

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