Nova School of Business & Economics in the Tournoi des 5 Balloons
Nova & Culture | 29 June 2018 Nova School of Business & Economics in the Tournoi des 5 Balloons

It was a memorable week in France. The opportunity to spend time in a foreign city like Paris, representing your university by doing what you love to do, in our case, playing football, was unique. And coming back to our country, our university, our home, with the trophy in our hands is definitely a feeling we will never forget.

This was an experience that brought our team even closer together and, in spite of being in a different country, we didn’t feel displaced at all. At Nova SBE, we are already used to an international environment, and ESSEC Business School provided a good atmosphere for the development of a tournament with this dimension.

Every day we woke up with one objective in mind, to win. Our focus and commitment allowed us to demonstrate our best display of football, which gave us an advantage in comparison to teams like Manheim University, ESSEC Business School, and all the other teams we faced. One tie and four wins while scoring 13 goals and conceding only one shows why we were the rightful winners.  This kind of performance would not be possible without the team spirit that was present along the entire week, marked by its companionship, and hard work.

Overall, it was a very enriching experience that not only benefited the football team with a trophy, but also Nova School of Business & Economics, with an international presence in one of the oldest and most respected sports tournament in Europe.

*this article was written by student Afonso Maya Seco (Bachelor's in Management).

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