Nova SBE Celebrates International Women's Day 2022
Promoted by Nova | 08 March 2022 Nova SBE Celebrates International Women's Day 2022

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) believes it should support those who strive to be better and do better as people, professionals, leaders, and citizens. And being a school with a role to play, it recognizes the importance of gender equality and the empowerment of all women as one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it needs to help foster. With the help of its community, it is dedicated to bringing forward research that can help shed light on how prejudice can be eradicated and a way to work for equal rights and respect for all.

Thus, we highlight five main indicators referenced in the Portugal, Social Balance Report 2021, produced by the Nova SBE Economics for Policy Knowledge Center under the Social Equity Initiative:

  1. In 2019, for every 1€ received by a man, a woman received an average of 0,73€. Among the population at risk of poverty, inequality increases to 0,66€.
    Source: Survey on Living Conditions and Income (ICOR), 2021.
  2. Women continue to make up the majority of enrolments in employment centers. During 2020, an average of 207,000 women and 183,000 men were enrolled in employment centers.
    Source: Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP), 2021.
  3. Simplified layoff requests were 50 % more frequent among women between January and April 2021. Source: Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security (MTS), 2021.
  4. Among those who do not work full-time, more than 47 % of women want to work longer hours but cannot find a full-time job. Another reason women invoke 7 times more than men is the need to take care of children or other dependents.
    Source: Employment Survey (IE), 2021.
  5. During the lockdown period and closing of schools, in the first quarter of 2021, women with children were the ones who most reduced the hours worked. On average, working 1,2 hours less per week, between the first quarter of 2021 and 2019.
    Source: Employment Survey (IE), 2021.


Our research is committed to creating solutions that people can use in their daily lives, contributing to a closer relationship with society and our stakeholders. But the Nova SBE community is also dedicated to working with everyone who strives for positive change. And recognizing that gender bias is not just a human rights issue and that political, economic, and social equality for women benefits the world, it is currently working on these projects:


  1. Women's Leadership Program:

    In partnership with StartSe University, the Women's Leadership Program aims to leverage women's professional development – ​​with protagonism and prominence – based on the challenges they face. In addition to improving their leadership in relevant strategic positions in the most different sectors and organizations. This program was developed to combine technical and behavioral skills and personalized follow-up, supporting participants in building a path to overcome barriers that delay and/or block women's access to senior leadership positions.
  2. Nova Women in Business

    Founded in 2016, Nova Women in Business is an academic student club based at Nova SBE that targets the existing gender gap in our society, specifically focusing on the business and academic world. To bring awareness and consciousness towards the issue of gender inequality, the club engages with the school community by promoting events and discussions surrounding the need for positive change and focusing on the personal and professional development of its members.
  3. Promova

    Promova is an executive training program developed by CIP in partnership with Nova SBE Executive Education for over a year, including support for the development of participants through coaching and mentoring sessions. CIP and Nova SBE believe that it will contribute to greater social balance, promoting gender diversity in leadership roles.



  1. Cátia Batista

    Catia Batista is an Associate Professor of Economics at Nova SBE, where she is also the Founder and Scientific Director of the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center. Her most recent research in the field of gender equality was the study Closing the gender profit gap through savings and training: Evidence from Mozambique. The study, written alongside Professors Sandra Sequeira and Pedro Vicente, focuses on two key supply-side constraints to a female-led business performance that can contribute to this gender profit gap: limited access to capital and lack of exposure to financial management know-how.
  2. Sara Vicente Barreto

    Sara is a Nova SBE Alumna from the BSc Economics '99 and a Harvard Business School Alumna. She is the Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, CEO of Um Pequeno Gesto and A Little Gesture UK. Sara is an early-stage investor and mentor to growth businesses, with a focus on women-owned ones. She is the creator of the Make Space for Growth women-focused blog and community.
  3. Eva Fröhlich

    Eva Fröhlich is a Master’s in Finance student at Nova SBE and a fellow of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence. She works towards gender equality within the natural stone industry in India, and she is an ongoing discussion with the industry after publishing her Bachelor’s thesis titled The Implementation of Socially Sustainable Supply Chains in the German Natural Stone Industry Using the Example of Trade With India. Her thesis focuses on giving women alternatives to working in the natural stone sector where they have severe health problems due to inequality of strength and as well as getting paid less and missing out on education.

We believe that we can only sustain excellence if we contribute to an open, sustainable, and more inclusive world. This is our way to pave the way.

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