Meet the Nova SBE Fellows – Annie Maniscalco
Promoted by Nova | 21 June 2018 Meet the Nova SBE Fellows – Annie Maniscalco

Nova School of Business & Economics is going beyond any horizon and looking forward to what the future holds. And the future is made of the curious minds and resilient souls that make Nova SBE what it is now. The future is here and it has many different faces and aspirations. Meet one of them – Annie Maniscalco, a Master’s in Management student and of the Nova SBE Fellows. 

Annie was born in Italy but she soon realized her heart and aspirations were too big for her own country. She participated in several international cultural programs organized by her high school. What others would find scary, Annie found thrilling. She wanted to do more and be bigger so she decided to attend summer schools in London. Three times. She also volunteered in a charity shop while studying, bringing good to other people’s lives. When that adventure came to an end, Annie moved yet again. Instead of moving back to Sciacca, her hometown, Annie decided to move to Milan to take her Bachelor’s there. 

All that led to where she is now, in Lisbon, where she says she keeps striving to do something different from her peers. Though far from home, Annie says that being away all this time motivates her to think differently, to improve her curriculum, and to be even more proactive. And, in Lisbon, she says is constantly inspired to improve things, contributing to an extraordinary experience. In her words:

“Studying here at Nova SBE can be really important to me to reach my aim to have an impact in the world because we are in close contact with different kinds of cultures and different international people. It’s the best school to learn how to deal with people who are different from you. You can always take the best of them, the best of their culture.”

The world is constantly changing and, sometimes, it can be a scary place to be. But not if you aspire to be better and strive to impact those around you. And who knows? Maybe with this openness of spirit, you can be the change yourself. What’s what Annie accomplishes every day, even if she is thousand miles away from home. 
Who will write the future? Annie Maniscalco just might!

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