A new chapter in the history of Nova SBE
Happened at Nova | 23 May 2018 A new chapter in the history of Nova SBE

Over the last 40 years, Nova SBE has been growing as a disruptive and forward-looking school, setting a benchmark for higher education in Portugal, building a trusty reputation and a solid recognition. The school is ready for a new challenge of internationalization, taking its ambition to new frontiers.

Its values, attributes, and goals have made Nova SBE a business school that is open to the world, a school that it is looking beyond: embracing challenges and transforming them into opportunities. And, as in the past, Nova SBE it is not alone: it is engaging all those who think alike to join this bold idea.

As Nova SBE’s Dean puts it: “We have to work with the youth and for the youth, because the future is theirs. We believe that in this world full of opportunities and risks, our role as a school is key to bringing effective solutions with impact. We are aware that there will be no borders between technology and management, that we need to create a more inclusive and more humane society, that we need to help governments to function better and serve their citizens better and, ultimately, help businesses be disruptive. It is the students, this future generation, that can make a difference.” 


The new campus project is a product of the shared dream that became a reality. As the dream became true, and the project grew higher, the school realized that its community went far beyond expected. Nova SBE now stares at the countdown of the new campus inauguration, on September 29th, already thinking ahead and reflecting on what it can do from that day on to keep fostering its collective potential.


The new Brand of Nova SBE - Identity & narrative for a clear horizon

The brand narrative, and consequent look and feel, derives from the central concept that informs what the school wants to provide to the world and the multiple audiences it aims to engage. By becoming a clear horizon - An open space from which a new generation of global citizens can grow confident, develop insight and aspire to improve the world.

The school has involved its community and especially its talented youth - the heroes and leaders of tomorrow - to take the message further by starting a movement that is first and foremost a mindset - positive, curious, and open. These are the citizens that Nova SBE wants to engage in transforming the world and in so, create a new way of thinking and communicating a Business & Economics School. 

And this is just the beginning.

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