Inclusive Community Forum Organizes Inclusive Talks’ Third Edition
Promoted by Nova | 10 June 2021 Inclusive Community Forum Organizes Inclusive Talks’ Third Edition

Inclusive Talks, Inclusive Community Forum’s (ICF) annual event is coming up. The ICF is a Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) initiative dedicated to the lives of people with disabilities. This will be the third edition of Inclusive Talks, which will take place next June 23, at 6.00 pm. ICF will present the main outcomes of the themes it has been working on since the initiative was created: the employability and education of people with disabilities.

Developed by Rui Diniz and Nova SBE, the ICF aims to promote a more open and inclusive community for people with disabilities. Thus, the ICF calls for the community’s active participation in developing structured initiatives that allow solving some of the main obstacles to the inclusion of people with disabilities. Next June 23, at 6.00 pm, it will gather companies, social organizations, and partners to present the significant advancements reached in 2020 and 2021.

The event will kickstart with an opening moment from Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, and Rui Diniz, CUF’s CEO and Founder of ICF, who will welcome everyone into the event.

After this moment, the employability of people with disabilities will be addressed – a theme that has been developed since 2017 – via the presentation of the different paths to inclusive recruitment and the journey to inclusion. This topic will be completed by testimonials from the companies that have carried out this implementation.

After this moment, the education theme will be presented, namely the journey to empowerment, which corresponds to the group of initiatives intended to answer the identified challenges.

The 2021 Inclusive Talks will also have new companies signing the “Commitment to Inclusion,” which will now total 41 companies entirely dedicated to being more inclusive.

The event will be broadcast via Nova SBE’s Youtube channel. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the project, the initiatives carried out, and the outcomes reached so far only needs to register here to participate.

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