“Data for Change” Program Has Open Applications Until June 17
Promoted by Nova | 11 May 2020 “Data for Change” Program Has Open Applications Until June 17

The second edition of the “Data for Change” program will accept applications until June 17. “Data for Change” wants to identify and select Portuguese Organizations with Social Impact that intend to analyze and solve a social/environmental problem through Data Science.

Organizations that are interested in developing a Data Science project in partnership with the Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center, for free, should apply online here.

The applications will be evaluated and selected by an Evaluation Committee, and the challenges suggested can be as varied as possible, covering areas such as Health, Employment, Environment, and Education.

The program’s first edition, which took place in 2019, had more than 60 participating organizations, and the winning project is currently being developed in partnership with Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal (APDP) and aims to predict the risk of nephropathy development among diabetic patients.

“Data for Change” is part of the Social Equity Initiative, a partnership established among Nova SBE, ”la Caixa” Foundation, and BPI.

Useful Links

1 – Page of Data for Change’s second edition: https://www2.novasbe.unl.pt/data-science/projetos
2 – Full regulation: https://bit.ly/DSKC_regulamentoDfC
3 – Application form: https://bit.ly/DataForChange

About the Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center

The Data Science Knowledge Center at Nova SBE aims to advance knowledge about data-driven decision-making and its application in society. Our position in a school of business and economics, and our understanding of social sciences, technology, programming, and statistical methods, allow us to bridge the gap between organizations and technology that generates, processes and uses data for creating impact. As the world becomes more hybrid, with humans becoming more dependent on machines to make decisions, we aspire to lead the way in defining how to create value with the data, ethically, and with social-welfare maximization in mind.

We are also training new generations of responsible leaders, who understand opportunities and challenges of data-driven decision-making, and can lead the way towards purposeful application of data science for sustainable businesses and a thriving society. Currently, our Data Science Knowledge Centre members are working on projects and research in the applications of Data Science for Social Good, Data-Driven Policy, Decision-Making, Understanding Human Behavior, and Marketing and Economics (Theory and Measurement).


About the Social Equity Initiative

The Social Equity Initiative is a partnership among BPI, ”la Caixa” Foundation, and Nova SBE, which aims to promote the social sector in Portugal in the long run. It maps the social sector in Portugal and develops research and empowerment programs to support Portuguese social organizations, thus involving seven projects and two chairs. For more information, please visit this page.

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