Nova SBE Executive Education Is No. 1 in Portugal in the 2020 Financial Times Ranking
Promoted by Nova | 10 May 2020 Nova SBE Executive Education Is No. 1 in Portugal in the 2020 Financial Times Ranking

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) is pleased to announce that the prestigious Financial Times has distinguished the School for the second consecutive year as the leading business school in Portugal for Executive Education. Nova SBE secured 23rd place in Europe and rose from 45th to 44th in the worldwide ranking.

In the 2020 Financial Times ranking – which incorporates participants' own evaluations of open programs – Nova SBE had particularly high scores referencing its "quality of staff" (rising from 45th to 38th place worldwide), "teaching methods and materials" (rising from 39th to 37th) and "course design" (rising from 39th to 37th), thus the leading business school in Portugal in these areas.

In the ranking for customized programs Nova SBE is now part of the TOP 10 worldwide (rising from 61st position to 8th) in the "growth" criteria – reinforcing its stake and its role in the sustainable growth of the Portuguese economy and its partners. The School's commitment to impact is also established by the rise of its programs and content in the "future use" criteria.

Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, states "this outcome is the result of the commitment to impact and sustainable transformation that we have taken alongside our community. We will continue to work with our partner companies to prepare them for a new paradigm that demands more than ever an agile and permeable mindset for change."

Pedro Brito, Associate Dean of Nova SBE Executive Education and Business Transformation, underlines "the reinforcement of this leading position is something we should all be proud of, especially the impact our programs have on participants and companies alike. Something that can only be achieved thanks to the quality of our faculty, our methodological approach and course design, which focuses on the market's real challenges."

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