The Nova SBE Research Activities Report 2016 has now been published
Research | 05 December 2017 The Nova SBE Research Activities Report 2016 has now been published

Research at Nova School of Business & Economics constitutes a hub of knowledge on the most pressing issues, producing distinctive expertise that will have an impact on public policies and structural reforms. Evidence of that is Nova SBE’s Annual Research Report 2016 that has now been released.

The Nova SBE Annual Research Report provides an overview of the research activities and a record of the main research outputs, as well as listings of capacity, expertise, and publications. In 2016, 122 publications were released, 92 of which correspond to scientific papers most of them published in international referred journals (86). In fact, 24% of these papers were published in top journals, according to ABS and CNRS rankings.

Research produced at Nova SBE has a very wide scope. This is evident in the topics and research questions explored, the degree of interdisciplinarity, the geographies studied, the practical applications, and even in the differentiated sources of funding, national and international, public and private. A total of 50 projects were managed by the Research Unit in 2016: one is the core funding project granted by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), which supports the activities of the Research Unit, and the remaining 49 are either research or consultancy individual projects, from which 24 were new and started in 2016. Regarding only to research, there were 27 projects on-going during 2016 which involved relationships with 14 funding bodies.

Nova SBE intends to build a global community dedicated to the development of talent and knowledge that produces impact, which is why the research carried out at Nova SBE is shared with broader audiences through activities in outreach events, communication materials (e.g. videos), and via participation in debates and public sessions. Nova SBES’s researchers are regularly invited to take part in television shows and to write articles in newspapers and magazines. Overall, there were over 1800 occurrences in the media regarding Nova SBE. 1161 digital publications versus 608 printed publications.

To learn more about the Nova SBE Research Activities Report 2016, you must visit this page.

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