Nova SBE creates a course lectured by the multinational consulting firm McKinsey & Company
Economy | 24 April 2018 Nova SBE creates a course lectured by the multinational consulting firm McKinsey & Company

Nova School of Business & Economics and McKinsey & Company have come together to create an innovative course, lectured entirely by partners of the renowned consulting firm.

The course, entitled Management Course, is mandatory in the second year. Both Nova SBE’s academic direction and McKinsey & Company intend to draw in the talent of 350 students and help them finish their degree through a more practical and complete approach.

McKinsey is thus set on putting these talents into a context similar to consulting work, through case studies, dividing this course into the traditional management topics – Strategy, Marketing, Organization, Operations, Risk and Sustainability, and new and vital topics such as Digital, Transformation, IT Management and Governance, and Analytics – hence providing a global overview of all management areas and a glimpse of what is the day to day work of all consultants.

“We’re very excited with this new partnership with McKinsey & Company, which promotes the employability of our talent. It also reinforces our commitment of ensuring, while in co-creation with our partners, a future for our students by bringing them closer to the professional world.” – states Daniel Traça, Nova SBE’s Dean.

“Nova SBE, for us, is a very important institution as a partner and as a recruiting ground. It has been for a number of years one of our most prominent source of talent and it is, on the one hand, a pleasure for us to interact with the school to improve what you are doing. But on the other it is fundamental for us to be present and get to know the students and get to play a part in shaping them.” – states Duarte Braga, Senior Partner and Office Manager of McKinsey & Company Iberian Offices.

McKinsey& Company is a regular recruiter at Nova SBE, recruiting for several geographies, especially in Portugal and Germany. You can have a glimpse of the Nova SBE Management Seminar with McKinsey bellow.

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