Sustainable Exhibition on Display at Nova SBE
Nova & Culture | 10 December 2018 Sustainable Exhibition on Display at Nova SBE

On December 3rd, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) welcomed the “Do Lixo à Nossa Arte” exhibition [From Garbage to Art], an initiative of Take C’air and Movimento Claro, with the help of the Municipality of Cascais and the school itself.

The exhibition’s main goal is to raise awareness of marine waste and its devastating consequences. To showcase the effects it has on the planet, the organization invited five artists with different backgrounds to create masterpieces from garbage collected at the Carcavelos Beach, by more than 200 volunteers.

The pieces, made by Clo Bourgard, Forest Dump, Pedro Vertsteeg, David de Sousa, and Pat Lucas Nunes e Melo will be on display at Nova SBE until December 13th, in the Hovione Atrium.

When questioned about the relevance of the entire project and her participation, Clo Bourgard considered the exhibition a «sensitization» and that it was «very interesting for an artist to do something so emotional and that has so much to do with our home, everybody’s home».

For Forest Dump, who has a very close relationship with the sea, these sort of initiatives are key tools to solving sustainability problems, and the entire initiative is a «reflection on what to do with our resources».

The art pieces are also available to buy through an online action from Palácio do Correio Velho. All proceeds will be used to help replant the burnt areas in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais.

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