The Campaign

Building a brighter future together

With the objective of financially supporting the construction of the new campus and the hiring of new teachers, a completely private fund-raising campaign was launched in 2014 with the goal of 50 million euros. The campaign was initially supported by 36 companies and more than 600 individual donors. It is a remarkable case of private fundraising for a public institution.

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The Project

A Global Hub for Excellence in Knowledge & Learning

Nova SBE is becoming more and more an international reference, and the construction of the new campus is having a major impact on our story.

We want to create a deeper engagement, both with society and the corporate world. This mindset will be reflected in the brand new facilities in Carcavelos, Cascais.

Through various stimulating spaces, our goal is to encourage collaborative learning, innovative projects, and an interactive environment. We know that these are crucial conditions to trigger change.


Our memories build the future

For the past 40 years, Nova SBE has had an impact on many people’s lives. At the same time, everyone who came across our path has contributed to our story.
Since an inspiring past can be a premise for a promising future, professors, students and alumni have shared with us their experiences and memories.

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What's been done so far
Follow the construction

What's been done so far

If you would like to see how the construction works are going, take a look at the pictures from day one up until today.

Get involved

Be part of something amazing

If you’re as passionate about this project as we are, become one of Nova SBE sponsors and leave your mark in the academic future of thousands of people.

Track and disseminate the New SBE project – Developing the Nova SBE as a global brand depends on getting the word around. The role of “school ambassador” is of paramount importance.

Being part of the Nova Campaign – Individual donations are very important because, in addition to their intrinsic value, they are a powerful example for others to follow.

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