PHD in Management

Chananan Dechadilok
Chananan Dechadilok
PhD Student

Chananan Dechadilok is a PhD student in Management at Nova SBE. She is interested in marketing with a specialization in consumer behavior. Besides, sustainability and social entrepreneurship also get her intention. Her research utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methods (structural equation modeling and experimental research design). Before joining Nova SBE, she was a lecturer at Burapha Business School, Burapha University, Thailand, for 5 years, with teaching experience in marketing management, pricing strategy, cross-culture comparative studies, and seminar in international business courses.

2013 – Master’s degree in Marketing (specialization in global marketing) – University of Colorado Denver, CO, USA

2011 – Bachelor’s degree in Management (Marketing) – Fudan University, Shanghai, China

2007 – Chinese Language Certificate – Beijing University, Beijing, China

2006 – Chinese Language Certificate – Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Beijing, China

Consumer behavior, Consumer psychology, Perception, Objectification, Sustainability

Luis F. Martinez (Ph.D.), Natalie Truong Faust (Ph.D.)