Master's in International Development & Public Policy

Careers @ Nova SBE

The MIDPP provides high-level skills that are demanded in organisations that deal with domestic and international public policy (involving both developed and developing countries). The list of potential job opportunities include international organisations (European Commission, OECD, United Nations sectoral agencies, etc), the civil service of EU and other countries, consultancies that work with the public sector, public relations agencies, and non-governmental organisations.


Nova SBE is currently working towards establishing partnerships with a number of organisations in sectors such as health, education, environment, and different government agencies in Portugal (e.g. Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Employment and Social Security) and abroad (e.g. EU development agency, International Labour Organisation). These partnerships may lead to traineeships and or job opportunities for MIDPP students and graduates.

Starting a Master’s Program at Nova SBE may be one of the first steps towards a global career. 

Whether you already know how you plan to impact the world or whether you are still trying to decide what do after your degree, know that Nova SBE has a program that will guide you all the way through your Masters’ program. Careers @ Nova SBE team runs a comprehensive program that provides you with the necessary tools to help taking the next step more effectively from day one and transform your uncertainties into bold aspirations that can really make a difference.

To help students throughout the process, the Careers @ Nova SBE Teams's offer includes: 

Are you ready to embrace the future?

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Deciding what you want for your future is never easy, but Nova SBE can help you. To offer students a chance to discover where they can excel and have a meaningful career, we also share OBIPNOVA.

This is a NOVA University Lisbon’s Rectory initiative that involves all NOVA schools. It aims to produce information about the career trajectory of all NOVA students regardless of their study cycle. Every year, it evaluates the professional activity of those who graduated to provide the NOVA community rigorous and reliable indicators about the career and placement of its graduates’ achievements.