CEMS Master's in International Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know concerning CEMS MIM at Nova SBE.


No, the CEMS MIM is a joint program in conjunction with one of the Nova SBE Master's.

No, you apply for the CEMS MIM program at the same time as you apply for a Nova SBE Master’s. You will need to submit two applications forms: the Nova SBE application form and the CEMS MIM application form available at, under “Portugal”. However, you will only be called for the CEMS MIM assessment once admitted to a Nova SBE Master’s, and if your CEMS application passes the pre-selection process.

For non-native English speakers, advanced English language proficiency is required. Candidates must submit one of the following certificates:

- TOEFL iBT minimum score – 100
- IELTS Academic minimum score – 7.0
- CPE minimum grade of C
- CAE minimum grade of B
- BEC Higher minimum grade of B
- A-level GCSE issued in Singapore
- Have a Bachelor's diploma entirely taught in English from an English speaking country, or in a CEMS or an EQUIS/AACSB accredited institution

*A valid certificate must be submitted by the end of the application period. In the meantime, candidates can submit their application providing a proof of enrolment in one of the exams. 

Knowledge of a third language will be required by graduation.

Students enrolled in February of a given year can only start the CEMS MIM year in September of the following year, leaving a gap semester in which you can do, for example, the international internship.

In order to determine which school and semester students will be spending their term abroad, a ranking of all the students in the program at Nova SBE is established each year. This ranking is built in March of the first year, based on 3 criteria:

1.     Grades in each course enrolled during the first semester at Nova SBE, compared to the remaining students of the course (This criterion weights 60% of the calculation).

2.    Total number of ECTS of the courses enrolled vs. number of ECTS approved in 1st semester (10%).

3.    Experiences/activities between the start of the Bachelor Program (or equivalent) and the end of the first semester of the Master Program at Nova SBE (30%).

You can send an email to the CEMS Team.

The International Master’s in Management is one of the eight Master’s Program offered at Nova SBE, while the CEMS MIM is a joint program offered by the alliance of 34 prestigious CEMS Business Schools, to be completed in conjunction with one of the Nova SBE Master's.

Therefore, you can apply for - and enroll in - both programs. At Nova SBE, about 50% of the CEMS MIM students are also enrolled in the International  Master’s in Management (IMM) (i.e., they complete the International Master’s in Management (IMM) curriculum in Year 1 and the CEMS curriculum in Year 2).

Upon Graduation, CEMS students receive two diploma: a Master’s degree issued by Nova SBE  and the CEMS MIM certificate issued by the CEMS Alliance. Students only enrolled in the International Master’s in Management (IMM)  receive one diploma, the IMM diploma degree issued by Nova SBE.