Daniel Traça
Daniel Traça

Daniel Traça is Dean and Professor of Economics at Nova School ofBusiness and Economics (Nova SBE), in Lisbon. He is also Visiting Professor atINSEAD, in France and Singapore. Previously, he was Assistant Professor atINSEAD, and held the Marie et Alain Philippson Chair in Managing forSustainable Human Development, at the Solvay Business School, in Brussels,where he was Vice-President and Director of the MBA Program. Daniel wasVisiting Professor in the KDI School of Management and Policy, in Seoul, and inthe Graduate Institute of International Economics, in Geneva. Daniel graduatedfrom Nova School of Business and Economics and obtained his PhD from ColumbiaUniversity, New York. He has worked as a consultant for the World Bank and theEuropean Commission and published his scientific research in several leadinginternational academic journals in the field of Globalization and EconomicDevelopment.

- PhD in Economics, Columbia University
- MA in Economics, Columbia University
- Undergraduate in Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

International Trade, Economic Development and Growth

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