Francesco Franco
Francesco Franco
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

Francesco Franco has been Assistant Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics since 2004. He earned his PhD in Economics from the Massachussets Institute of Technology. His research interests include fluctuations and applied macroeconomics; topics on which he has published in Portuguese and international journals. He is referee of various journals; among which the American Economic Review; Review of Economics and Statistics; Applied Economics and the Journal of the European Economic Association.    He is currently working on research projects on identification in macroeconomics and on finance and macroeconomic fluctuations.

PhD in Economics - Massachusets Institute of Technology (1999-2004)

Master in Economics - Bocconi University (1997-1998)

Laurea in Economia Politica -  Bocconi University (1991-1996)

International Macroeconomics, Applied macroeconomics, Identification in macroeconomics, Finance and macroeconomic fluctuations