Rui Silva
Rui Silva
Associate Professor with "Agregação"
Research Track
Finance Knowledge Center
Chair: Haddad Chair Professor in Entrepreneurship

Rui Silva is a Finance faculty at Nova School of Business and Economics in his home town of Lisbon. Before joining Nova he was an Assistant Professor of Finance at London Business School. He has taught numerous courses in Economics and Finance at Nova, The University of Chicago, and the London Business School. His research focuses on corporate finance, corporate governance, entrepreneurial finance and innovation, and the interactions between labor economics and financial and organizational economics.

Rui earned a B.A. in Economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a M.A. and PhD in Economics from The University of Chicago.

2012 - PhD in Economics - The University of Chicago

2008 - M.A. in Economics - The University of Chicago

2004 - Economics - Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Labor and Finance, Organizational Economics, Empirical and Theoretical Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurial Finance.