Leonor Rossi
Leonor Rossi
Associate Professor (Adjunct)
Management and Organizations

Leonor Rossi is an Associate Adjunct Professor of European Law and Introduction to Law. Former Trainee with the European Commission, Resident Adviser to the EU Committee of the Portuguese Parliament, Adviser to the President of the Portuguese Diplomatic Institute and is a Member of the Lisbon Bar.

2008 - Post Doc - Harvard Law School with the Real Colegio Complutense

1999 - Ph.D inComparative Public Law - Law School of the University ofTrento

1996 - Bachelor in Law - UCP Lisbon/University of Trento,Italy.

Legal framework of litigation concerning access to documents, both from the Privacy and data protection point of view as well as from the Public Access to institutional documents point of view 

  • Rossi, Leonor (2023). Easy does it: Pressing the right buttons in public access to documents of the EU. ERA Forum, 23, 529-542.
  • Rossi, Leonor, Silva, Patricia Vinagre e (2017). Public access to documents in the EU. 1st ed. Hart Publishing.