Pedro Brinca (Assistant Researcher)
Pedro Brinca (Assistant Researcher)

Pedro Brinca currently holds a position as Assistant Researcher at NovaSBE. He's also affiliated as a researcher at the Center for Economics and Finance (CEF.UP) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto, under a research grant for post-doctoral studies from the Foundation for Science and Technology. He co-organizes the monthly Lisbon Macro Workshop, joint with Luis Costa (ISEG) and Catarina Reis (UC Lisbon) and he's an associate editor of “Notas Económicas“, the peer-reviewed economics journal from his alma mater, U Coimbra. He also created and maintain, together with João B. Duarte, the MacroNova group.

He has been involved in executive education programs at Nova SBE, for both the General Management Program (CGG), Applied Management Program (PGA) and customized programs offered on-site. He has been involved in consulting projects at Economics for Policy and Nova Finance Center, knowledge centers at Nova SBE, in the topics of financial literacy and banking and finance and also for Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos.

PhD in Economics - Stockholm University

Master in Economics - Stockholm University

Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration -  Stockholm University

Macroeconomics, business cycle fluctuations and economic policy. Quantitative methods and applications, both in economics and biostatistics