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Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) and the Westmont Hospitality Group (WHG) - a global hotel owner-operator, have partnered to develop and promote advanced management education in hospitality, tourism, and all service management-based industries, creating the Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality (WiTH).

This partnership is a knowledge-based project that aims to leverage management and leadership skills in the tourism and hospitality industry within Nova SBEs academic, innovative, and entrepreneurial setting.

WiTH´s mission is to inspire and prepare the current and future leaders in all industries by using hospitality principles and mindset as an approach to provide service excellence and to drive innovative and sustainable customer-centric organizations.

Being a project for a better future, WiTH is also currently developing a data and knowledge platform that supports sustainable tourism in African countries, as a vital component of economic growth for developing countries.

WiTH is based at the Westmont Hall building, on the Nova SBE Carcavelos campus, diversifying the school’s ecosystem and providing young professionals and executives strong skills for a better future.

...Hospitality is an integrated concept in the hospitality industry, while tourism is the set of experiences and peripheral activities that have hospitality as a tool. As part of the partnership with Nova SBE, we will cover both areas. We also want to take the knowledge of hospitality and service management to other industries.

Majid Mangalji
Westmont Hospitality Group President & Founder

...We will have to be able to serve, to create unique experiences with an emotional impact on our customers. It will be a decisive success factor. This agreement helps us to bring to Nova SBE, in an innovative way, all the hospitality skills of the hospitality industry.

Daniel Traça
Nova SBE Dean

Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality wants to use hospitality as a way of promoting a better world by transforming the principles of hospitality to all service management areas.

Sérgio Guerreiro
WITH Director

The projects included in this partnership are:

Within this area of expertise, in partnership with the Westmont Hospitality Group, students can develop and manage customer-focused organizations, leading the development of new customer experience solutions and innovative new businesses based on the principles of hospitality.

Hospitality & Customer Experience students will have the opportunity to participate in classes, talks and seminars taught and presented by professors and international consultants in Hospitality & Customer Experience, by national and international leaders of the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as by executives with knowledge and practice in customer experience in organizations in sectors such as banking, healthcare, entertainment, technology, sports and retail.

This integrated and innovative approach, combining academic knowledge with a strong connection to the industry and practical experience, will give students a set of skills and necessary tools to pursue a career linked to innovation and customer experience in different sectors.

Do you want to know how to incorporate the hospitality and customer experience principles into business operations and how to create and develop new ideas and services to optimize the customer experience through an innovative program? See the mandatory courses:

  • Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Industry
  • Digital Transformation in Hospitality
  • Hospitality Operations Management
  • Hospitality & CX Innovation Fundamentals
  • Service Excellence
  • Revenue Management
  • Hospitality Expansion & Internationalization
  • Applied Hospitality & CX Innovation


The area of expertise in Hospitality & Customer Experience also includes a complementary innovation program that will guide students on an entrepreneurial journey where they can develop creativity and their entrepreneurial skills, develop their own projects and even potentially start their own businesses.

The Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality team will support the students in the development of their innovation projects through regular contact with relevant corporate partners. 

This area is only available for students that submit their application on the Fall intake, and got accepted on it.
This area cannot be coupled with a Double Degree, CEMS MIM, exchange and/or other areas of expertise.

If you wish to know more please contact the Admissions Office and, when applying, do not forget to tick your interest in this area of expertise.

These talks aim to create the student´s connection with the business world, its daily challenges, and future strategies, giving valuable insights for their career planning & development.

2020 WiTH Talks

2021 WiTH Talks

Since 2021, WiTH Talks are a joint initiative with the Nova SBE Hospitality Student Club. It was founded in the end of 2020 by students from the Master's in Management who have different backgrounds and common interests. It aims to promote the industry's sustainable growth by placing hospitality as a key strategic tool for any business plan.

The club also promotes its members' development skills so that they can be prepared to add value to any organization in service-oriented industries.

Learning is an essential condition for survival in a constantly changing world. At Nova SBE we believe in lifelong learning - continuous learning throughout life allows us to act more actively in designing the future.

Hospitality Leadership Advanced Certificate 

The current demanding and uncertain changing environment capitalizes itself as a crucial moment to reflect, outline, and implement a new approach to business development, focused on the customer, an enhanced by new digital tools and methodologies.   

This is also an important time to understand the importance of data and other tools regarding decision-making processes and rethink how organizations are structured and help them embrace innovation as part of their culture to ensure business competitiveness and sustainability. 

The Hospitality Leadership Advanced Certificate prepares participants to lead the business recovery in this digital era, focused on customer experience, innovation and sustainability all grounded in the hospitality culture and mindset. The participant journey consists of four mandatory programs and one elective, allowing the participant to customize the journey towards his/her own professional challenge.    

The Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality (WiTH) designed an executive training portfolio in co-development with  Nova SBE Executive Education that consists of nine programs, in an intensive and practical format in which each program lasts up to for four days.

To make the learning experience more agile, this portfolio offers flexibility for participants to organize their journey according to the interests, challenges, and availability of each one.

The following programs will start in 2021 and 2022:

  • Tourism Strategy in Times of Disruption. Learn more.
  • Leading the Digital Transformation in Hospitality. Learn more.
  • Business Intelligence Analytics Applied to Hospitality & Tourism
  • Business Innovation for Sustainability in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Integrated Revenue Management
  • Creating Service Excellence (through Hospitality). Learn more.
  • Advanced Digital Marketing in Hospitality & Tourism
  • High Performance Leadership and Team Management in Hospitality
  • Real Estate and Hospitality Asset Management

For more information, feel free to contact Marta Sousa Pires, WITH Business Developer, by e-mail: .

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The sustainable development Goals (SDGs) addressed by this initiative are:

Nova SBE Master's in Management

Area of Expertise in Hospitality & Service Management

Within this area of expertise, our students will develop skills to design and provide unique service experiences, aimed to create an emotional impact on customers. Students will acknowledge how current trends of customer behaviour and best practices in hospitality can impact service management regardless of the industry.

This innovative integrated approach, balancing theoretical skills with a strong industry connection and hands on experience will give students the right set of tools to pursue a career in different service management business areas.

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