Cláudia Alves
Cláudia Alves
Professor Auxiliar Convidado

Doutorada em Economia pela Nova SBE.

2015 - Doutorada em Economia - NovaSBE

2004 - Licenciatura em Economia - NovaSBE


  • Mata, José, Alves, Claudia (2018). The survival of firms founded by immigrants: institutional distance between home and host country, and experience in the host country. Strategic Management Journal, 39 (11), 2965-2991.
  • Teixeira, Ana, Alves, C. M.L., Alves, P. M., Carrondo, M. J.T., Oliveira, R. (2006). Hybrid metabolic flux analysis/data-driven modelling of bioprocesses. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 21 (C), 1667-1672.