Reinventing the future: Labour Relations for the next 50 years - <p>Já pensou como é que o seu trabalho vai ser daqui a 50 anos? Empresas, trabalhadores, governos e academia partilharão as suas perspetivas, desafios, soluções e receios sobre o futuro do trabalho e as...</p>
Data Science in Football" - a talk with Sport Lisboa e Benfica Head of Data Science, Sudarshan "Suds" Gopaladesikan - <p>Through the lens of the football industry, we&rsquo;ll look at many examples of how various data science techniques has helped SL Benfica refine their business methodology.</p> <p>Having the skills of a...</p>
The Data Journals by Le Wagon - <p>The Data Journals&nbsp;is an exciting journey into the life of Data Science professionals. Expect to join a unique experience with&nbsp;testimonials,&nbsp;projects&nbsp;and the best insights&nbsp;from...</p>
Le Wagon's Data Impact School - <h5>Sustainability and change in&nbsp;Data Science</h5> <p>We believe that&nbsp;data&nbsp;can create a&nbsp;positive impact in communities. For&nbsp;this reason, Le Wagon Lisbon and Nova SBE created a special...</p>
Curiosity Data Science Iberian Awards - <p>On July 8 at 10AM, this year&#39;s Curiosity Data Science Award Ceremony&nbsp;will take place in Spain in a blended format.</p> <p>This award will recognize projects carried out in 2020 in Iberia, and is...</p>
Mapie - Cerimónia de Lançamento - <p>No dia 23 de julho de 2021 conheça a nova cara do Mapie.&nbsp;</p> <p>Assista à cerimónia de apresentação às 10h30 na Escola Secundária Eng.&ordm; Acácio Calazans Duarte com intervenções&nbsp;de Jorge...</p>