In solidarity with Turkey and Syria

Nova SBE is made up of a community of world citizens who want to improve people’s lives and in doing so, prove its collective potential to keep growing.

As a school, we know that today’s world faces many challenges that we need to address urgently. And big challenges need bold actions to overcome them.

As we watch the catastrophic consequences of the earthquake that destroyed Turkey and Syria and the thousands who perished, we affirm our will to continue to play our role in finding meaningful solutions.

In solidarity with the victims, Nova SBE is providing resources to help organizations that, in Portugal or in a more local scope, are collecting donations and goods to help the victims in the two countries and their community understands the current situation and in the hope of contributing to an open, sustainable, and more inclusive world.

Concerto Solidário pela Turquia e Síria [Solidarity Concert for Turkey and Syria]

Concerto Solidário pela Turquia e Síria [Solidarity Concert for Turkey and Syria]

On March 30 at 9:30 PM, Nova SBE will promote a solidarity concert with performances by Salvador Sobral, Luísa Sobral, Janeiro, and Milhanas. This concert is a 'Re-Humanize the World' initiative of the Estoril Conferences. Ticket revenues will revert to supporting the education of the population affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, which killed more than 45 thousand people. Get your ticket now, and don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime concert. For those unable to attend but still wish to support the cause, there is the option of buying a solidarity ticket. The donation will also go towards the cause, so make sure you help in any way you can here.
Thus, believing that the social, economic, and cultural context should never limit potential, Nova SBE brings the community together to contribute and mitigate the damage caused by earthquakes and guarantee fair and humane access to education for children.

How to help?

Donated goods can be delivered to the Cascais Logistic Center (C3) from 9am to 5pm.


The Nova SBE community can donate directly to Nova SBE Students' Union headquarters on campus with the following items:

- Canned food
- Diapers
- Hygiene products
- Powdered milk
- Sanitary pads