Portugal Talks’ First Edition will take place at Nova SBE
Promoted by Nova | 18 October 2018 Portugal Talks’ First Edition will take place at Nova SBE

Presenting itself as a think-action tank meant for the civil society, Portugal Talks intends to discuss and create viable solutions for some of the most relevant issues of the national public life. It consists of a discussion forum that involves everyone, in a free and stimulating manner, in not only some of society’s most pressing issues but also invite the civil society to play a predominant role in changing things.

Each Portugal talks’ edition has a specific topic, which is analyzed by a scientific commission and a workgroup that will, for two years, suggest action plans and concrete reforms.

The 1st edition will take place next October 19th and will have as its main topic “Abstention in Portugal: diagnosis and solutions”, intending to comprehend how the Portuguese electoral system works. The conference presents itself as non-affiliated and encourages every attendee to have a vital role when elaborating prepositions for relevant public politics.

Portugal Talks is an initiative of Estoril Institute for Global Dialogue, which is in charge of the scientific and programmatic coordination of the Conferências do Estoril [Estoril Conferences] and will take place in the Jerónimo Martins Grand Auditorium, at the Nova School of Business & Economics’  (Nova SBE) new campus.

Nova SBE is, alongside the Municipality of Cascais, one of Portugal Talks’ partners and its new campus, which was inaugurated on September 29th, also presents itself as the home to the most innovative ways of learning, sharing, and growing, based in Portugal and open to the world.

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