Nova Junior Consulting Wins Project of the Year Award at the jeniAL Awards 2023
Awards | 02 May 2023 Nova Junior Consulting Wins Project of the Year Award at the jeniAL Awards 2023

Nova Junior Consulting, a junior company of Nova SBE, brought to Portugal the Project of the Year award at the jeniAL Awards 2023, with the work Finland Energy Project, which identifies opportunities for energy transition for finnish companies in Portugal.

The Finland Energy Project gathered the Embassy of Finland in Portugal and Aalto University, a university of science, economy, and arts in the ranking of the Best Global Universities, in a study conducted in 2022 by seven members of Nova SBE and the Finnish university.

Together with the award, the quality and potential of the project led to its presentation in Helsinki to the Finnish Minister, Villa Skinnari, responsible for the Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade portfolio of Finland, and to several Finnish companies interested in the opportunities and potential in the areas of energy and hydrogen, waste management, batteries, energy efficiency, and smart grids in the national territory.

The award was delivered during the largest event of the Portuguese Junior Movement, which rewards the best Junior Enterprises of the previous year, held at the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto.

The team involved in the award-winning project is made up of seven students, three of whom are Nova SBE students: Francisca Pereira, Bachelor’s in Management at Nova SBE; João Sousa, Bachelor’s in Economics at Nova SBE and current president of Nova Junior Consulting; and Michael Hofreither, Master's in Management at Nova SBE;

Nova Junior Consulting is a junior company of Nova SBE, created in 2012, specializing in providing strategic, financial, and management consulting services through the knowledge acquired and consolidated at Nova SBE. Nova Junior Consulting currently has 49 members and carries out between 14 and 18 projects per year for external entities, having created projects for companies such as Activo Bank, Luso-American Foundation, Fidelidade, L'Óreal and Sport TV. In 2021, Nova Junior Consulting won the prize of "Portugal's Most Promising Junior Company".

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