Nova SBE Organizes Press Preview in the Metaverse
Promoted by Nova | 06 February 2023 Nova SBE Organizes Press Preview in the Metaverse

The 2023 edition of the Nova SBE Press Preview, an event in which Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) presents its key projects that will impact the year to the press, took place in the metaverse.

Nova SBE created a virtual space in the metaverse to hold the Nova SBE Press Preview. It gathered more than 20 journalists and researchers who got together, for the first time, in this virtual room for an innovative, immersive, and collaborative learning experience in which they learned the main initiatives and research projects that will impact 2023 at Nova SBE.

The event took place at MetaDEL, the room that the Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab created in the metaverse, which is also the first room of its kind created by a Portuguese school. The Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab is part of the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem and aims precisely at understanding and critically reflecting on emerging and advanced digital technologies for people, organizations, and society and the inherent risks and opportunities for a more sustainable future.

Pedro Oliveira, the new Dean elect of Nova SBE, spoke for the first time to the press and welcomed everyone by underlining that this immersive Experience is “another step that Nova SBE is taking towards innovation. (…) This year, we will continue to grow our digital innovation footprint by taking a chance on Artificial Intelligence and now by holding our very first event in the metaverse. In 2023 we will certainly continue our mission of being a school for a better and more sustainable future.

If you want to learn more about Nova SBE's journey and how it presents itself as an open ground for a new way of learning, sharing, and growing together, then consult this edition’s booklet available here. You can still watch how the entire event took place in the metaverse by watching the recording of the session.

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