Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence Innovative Initiative Comes To An End
Promoted by Nova | 06 August 2018 Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence Innovative Initiative Comes To An End

The Nova SBE Impact Challenge, the social impact challenge that Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence Students answered to work on the sustainability and social responsibility issues of the Community Center Parish of Carcavelos [Centro Comunitário Paróquia de Carcavelos – CCPC] in partnership with Everis and the Municipality of Cascais has now finally come to an end.

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence students were presented, since the beginning of the year, with a unique challenge – to develop a project, with the help of Everis (the renowned multinational business and data company), which would not only help them develop their technical skills but also give assistance to a social institution. The students had to find solutions for the CCPC – a community center that takes in children, families, and the elderly, assisting in numerous social and employability areas – while guarantying CCPC’s financial sustainability for the next years.

In order to provide strategies that would offer financial stability, students had to analyze the center’s financial situation and how it was structured so that they could think of ways to improve their financial status. Each group of students met monthly with Everis consultants, who provided practical and objective counseling and orientation so that their projects were, in fact, feasible.



At this final stage, the two final groups presented the projects they worked on, explaining their work methodology and the conclusions they reached before Everis, CCPC, and Nova SBE’s representatives, among which were Daniel Traça, Nova SBE’s Dean, and Pedro Santa Clara, President of the Alfredo de Sousa Foundation.

This was the final stage of an innovative initiative that intended to promote the motivation and the involvement that these students already have with social causes while simultaneously providing them with the necessary tools for the upcoming job market, one that takes into consideration impact and social responsibility.

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