Nova SBE Announces its Annual Student Survey Results
Promoted by Nova | 27 July 2022 Nova SBE Announces its Annual Student Survey Results

To assess the students' experience and satisfaction, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) launched its Nova SBE Annual Student Survey, one of the school's most important tools of meaningful impact and continuous improvement.

On April 13, Nova SBE launched its Nova SBE Annual Student Survey so that all students could openly share their experience, feedback, and satisfaction on some of the school's academic and non-academic most distinctive features.

In 2022, 1719 students answered the call and indicated an 86 % overall satisfaction rate with their experience at Nova SBE, and 79 % of our students were very satisfied, satisfied, or somewhat satisfied with their Nova SBE programs. In addition, 86 % of students stated that they are likely to recommend Nova SBE and characterize it as an international, demanding, innovative, rigorous, and reputable school. However, they note that the school needs to improve its financial support, the professional development modules, and the fit between extracurricular activities and the academic curriculum.

This is one of the most important means of improvement as it allows the school to develop a better-integrated experience each year and create a place where anyone can learn more, do good, and be better.

Nova SBE appreciates and thanks its students' active participation and engagement in proving its potential to keep growing.

Check the video below to see the key results.


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