First Edition of the Nova SBE Sustainability Journey Gathers More Than 300 Participants
Happened at Nova | 14 July 2022 First Edition of the Nova SBE Sustainability Journey Gathers More Than 300 Participants

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) organized, from June 20 to July 1, the Nova SBE Sustainability Journey – an unprecedented collection of educational programs, events, conferences, debates, and cultural activities dedicated to sustainability, which gathered more than 300 participants, 30 companies, and 60 speakers in over 40 sessions.

Nova SBE, believing that it must have a positive impact on people, societies, and the planet, organized the Nova SBE Sustainability Journey, an event entirely organized by the school in which any participant could explore Nova SBE's sustainable dimensions – Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Economics, Sustainable Leadership – and be part of sessions and exclusive moments side by side with renowned companies and experts.

Among the participants, the Nova SBE Sustainability Journey had relevant national and international sustainability experts such as Fabien Cousteau, Chief Oceanic Explorer and Cofounder of the Proteus Ocean Group, Laila Pawlack, Cofounder and CEO of the Rehumanize Institute, and SingularityU Nordic, and James Honeyborn, Creative Director of Freeborne Media & Wild Space, among others. Also present were national experts on Green Economy, such Assunção Cristas, Head of the Environment Practice Area and the ESG Integrated Services Platform at VdA, Maria de Jesus Fernandes, President of the Portuguese Order of Biologists, and Nuno Lacasta, CEO of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA – Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente).

The event, which counted with an impressive number of participants, companies, and speakers, ended with a closing ceremony distinguishing pivotal contributions made towards sustainability with the first edition of the Nova SBE Role to Play Awards.

According to Daniel Traça, the Nova SBE Sustainability reinforced how "Nova SBE wants to be the place where people can get together and collaborate with knowledge centers, faculty, students, Alumni, startups and private or governmental companies." This event's first edition proved that and how, as a school with a role to play, it must contribute to sustainable development.

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