Nova SBE Students Once Again Among the Semifinalists of L'Oréal Brandstorm
Promoted by Nova | 21 April 2022 Nova SBE Students Once Again Among the Semifinalists of L'Oréal Brandstorm

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) is once again participating in the L'Oréal Brandstorm challenge, an international competition aimed at higher education students.  

Three teams of Nova SBE students won the first national selection and will be part of the first semifinal of L'Oréal Brandstorm 2022. This year’s topic is "Disrupt Beauty 2030!" challenging students to develop a disruptive project in specific areas, such as inclusive beauty, sustainable beauty, and how to revolutionize the personalized service or beauty products' experience through technology. The three Nova SBE teams will be among the finalists presenting their projects to a VIP jury.

This year, candidates will choose one of three areas – inclusion, sustainability, and technology – and are invited to form teams of three elements (in conformance with gender diversity principles) and solve the challenges launched by L'Oréal.

The teams that will represent Nova SBE are Deluse  - Inês Romdhane, Tony Barbou, and Klara Kosar – and Beautif’all – Marta Monteirinho, Maria Santos, Rui Mesquita Diniz –  in the tech track; and Glamovation – Juliana Klude, Smriti Singh e Koray Uerkuet – in the sustainability track. Nova SBE Professor Irene Consiglio worked as the team's mentor and also acknowledged the support of Professors Catherine da Silveira and Lena Kemna, who provided valuable feedback on the students' work.

To learn more about this innovative competition and look at all participants, visit the event's official page.

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