Meet the Nova SBE Fellows – Stephan Förtsch
Promoted by Nova | 29 June 2018 Meet the Nova SBE Fellows – Stephan Förtsch

Nova SBE values and the culture it has promoted have made the school open to the world. And, in the future, Nova SBE wants to see the bright side of possibility. It wants to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities, and it can only do that with the help of determined and curious minds that help it grow. One of these innovative young minds belongs to Stephan Förtsch, a Master’s in Management student at Nova SBE and one of the Nova SBE Fellows.

Stephan was born in Germany and did most of his academic accomplishments in his home country. But his openness to the world and his determination to discover what lied ahead were always a driving force. The world was his for the taking already at the age of 15 when he decided to do an Exchange Program at Buckley Park College, in Melbourne, Australia. Exploring the world is definitely his passion, so when the time came to be on the move again, he decided to do a semester of his Bachelor’s abroad, in California. Stephan not only went on his own but became one of the best students – he even made it to the Dean's list at the San Diego State University.

But life isn’t just about discovering the world, it’s about exploring our drives, our talent, and ideas, and putting them to good use. That is why he decided to make the most out of his creativity and co-founded an Internet of Things Startup, which was co-financed by and the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy. Currently, he is supporting innovators in big and small corporations with all things related to customer development and online marketing. 

“Working together with good and like-minded individuals and a great team helps me a lot because we influence each other so much. It makes your own work so much better if you have great people working together. It just motivates me and it makes me work way longer and way better.”


When the time came to choose his Master’s, he knew he had to pick himself up again and be where the sun would shine for him. Where he could surf, relax, and also where he could take his entrepreneurship further, where he could foster new ideas and take a stand. He chose Nova SBE and the Master’s in Management.

Stephan Förtsch – a face to inspire optimism and unleash curiosity. A face we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot of in the future.

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