The Chinese group Fosun and Nova SBE develop international training program
Happened at Nova | 25 June 2018 The Chinese group Fosun and Nova SBE develop international training program

Nova SBE and Fosun have created the executive education program Healthcare Insurance in Europe – The Portuguese Example –  which brought together, last May, in Lisbon, executives from different provinces of China. 

The Healthcare Insurance in Europe – The Portuguese Example program, an international training program with participants from different provinces of China, took place last May 6th and 18th by Fosun’s invitation. 

The program, which has a substantial experiential component, gave all participants the chance to know first-hand the insurance sector and its numerous players – from regulatory and supervisory authorities to private and public healthcare providers, the national healthcare service and service network providers. With the curatorship and mentorship of Nova SBE’s Executive Education, the program also had intense cultural activities for 15 days, which provided a real learning, intercultural, and immersive experience about the European insurance sector and the Portuguese model.

“The training program co-designed by Nova SBE and FOSUN shows how collaboration between academia, private and public sectors, and between Europe and Asia, may yield innovative partnerships of shared learning and cultural exchange. Nova SBE is committed to such partnerships for their role in building a convergent economy and a convergent humanity. We are very proud to have been part of this program and to have contributed to the deep historical bridge linking Portugal and China.”
Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova School of Business & Economics

The numerous participants emphasized the importance of this event – much due to the subject’s uniqueness and its contributors – and the cooperation of both countries, which enabled international training on an issue that is gradually becoming more relevant and demanding to take place. Through their own words: 

“We are very much grateful for all the considerate arrangements by Nova SBE for this training program. We’ve seen highly professional teachers, unforgettable lectures, comprehensive course design, thoughtful agenda and, of course, delicious food. All made us feel at home. Thanks to this program, we’ve gained systematic knowledge of Portuguese and European healthcare systems and the evolution of the health insurance sector. Also, thanks to this program, Sino-Portuguese social and academic exchange was substantially enhanced. In a word, this program was a huge success. Cheers for the friendship between China and Portugal!”
Xucheng YUAN, Chief of Delegation

“This program might be the most in-depth and comprehensive exchange of experience, ever, among insurance sector professionals, in the history of the China-Portugal relationship. Behind its success is the huge effort by all parties, particularly by Nova SBE. Through this collaboration, we see Nova SBE's outstanding capability and expertise. We are looking forward to furthering our cooperation with Nova SBE in the future.”
Lan Kang, Executive Board Director of Fosun, Chairperson of Fosun Insurance Group

“We know that cultural, language, social and physical barriers are forces that push us towards remoteness, but Portugal, China, Fidelidade, and Fosun, with the wisdom and help of Nova SBE, are the living example that with will, dedication, commitment, work, strategic alignment, and an open mind it is possible to build a better, broader and more prosperous world.”
Dr. Rogério Campos Henriques, Executive Board VP of Fidelidade

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