Nova SBE Student Club Creates Scholarship for Bachelor’s Students
Promoted by Nova | 10 December 2021 Nova SBE Student Club Creates Scholarship for Bachelor’s Students

Nova Junior Consulting, a student club from Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) dedicated to providing strategic consulting services, decided to establish a scholarship to help its Bachelor’s students prepare their future with responsibility and enthusiasm.

Aware of the importance of equal opportunities, Nova SBE has several scholarships and awards for Bachelor’s and Master’s students to ensure that no student is excluded from higher education due to financial constraints. For this reason, and because the Nova SBE community shares the school’s concern in caring to make a difference, Nova Junior Consulting created a scholarship for Bachelor’s students.

The “NJC Scholarship”, as it’s called, is a scholarship created by Nova Junior Consulting aimed at Nova SBE Bachelor’s students that offers a 33 % tuition fee reduction and also learning sessions, networking opportunities with the club’s partners, and personalized help with their careers.

The evaluation and application selection consists of three stages. The first regards the student’s academic results and its intra and extracurricular skills. The second asks the candidate to send a three-minute video to reveal their future aspirations and a little of their personality. And, lastly, the third is an interview before the jury – made of four club members and a Nova SBE representative.

The creation of this scholarship is a unique feat that demonstrates how Nova Junior Consulting – considered “The Most Promising Junior Enterprise” by Junior Enterprises Portugal for the quality of business provided, impact, and long-term vision – and its core values are aligned with those of the school by providing opportunities to who wants to have a positive impact.

All first-year Bachelor’s students are eligible, and applications will be officially open from December 11, 2021, to January 17, 2022.

To learn more about the scholarship, check the regulation (available only in Portuguese) and the club’s official page. Then, to be one of the first candidates for this unique scholarship, submit your application here.

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