Meet the Nova SBE Fellows – Marta Gomes
Promoted by Nova | 28 May 2018 Meet the Nova SBE Fellows – Marta Gomes

Last week, we introduced you to Andreas Nowottny , the open-minded German and dedicated Master’s in Finance student, who dedicates himself to social good. Now, it is time for you to meet another one of the unique individuals of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence: Marta Gomes, a Portuguese Master’s in Management student at Nova SBE.

Born in Lisbon, Marta has always felt inspired by her surroundings.  She continuously does her best to be proactive in everything related to her personal life, whether as a student or just as an individual. Not only does she run marathons, winning the third place in an internal competition and the 34th place in the Cascais Marathon competition, but she was also awarded the Cascais Honorable Student mention in 2014.

However, Marta knew she could achieve more and improve herself. She went on to win the Nova Excelência Scholarship in (2014) and, in August 2016, she did an exchange program at the National University of Singapore, which became a life-changing experience. Having spent six months abroad, Marta says that being in a different country with such a unique and mesmerizing culture gave her new ways to look at work, at challenges, but also helped her to be a better problem-solver, which is something she now can use in her favor at Nova SBE. But that it is not all. Being away from the safety of her hometown, Marta learned how to pick herself up, grow from the friendships she established and, most importantly, strive to do more, to make her contribution to the world. As she puts it:

“Compassion is, I think, the word of the future. We must be compassionate with one another. We must help each other. The world will only grow and develop if everyone is on the same boat, and I believe that by having compassion we can achieve that and we can actually build a better world, and this is what inspires me. Everyone has compassion and we can use that compassion to improve the world.”


Most of us fight against the world but that is not how lives should be lived. People should follow their passions and let destiny do its part – that’s how you will be able to dedicate yourself to what truly matters and with that maybe even change the world. That is what Marta strives every day to do.

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