Nova SBE and IAPMEI Sign an Innovative Collaboration Protocol
Promoted by Nova | 15 September 2021 Nova SBE and IAPMEI Sign an Innovative Collaboration Protocol

To promote knowledge and share good practices, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) signed a collaboration protocol with IAPMEI, I.P – Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação [Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation] (IAPMEI), to improve the innovation, management, and qualification of business procedures.

Last September 6, Nova SBE and IAPMEI signed a collaboration protocol to create case studies. The project has as fundamental objectives the promotion of knowledge both in the business and academic worlds, habilitate academia through cases that match the reality of the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, and support innovation by qualifying the investment made in the Portuguese entrepreneurial landscape.

This project anticipates five case studies per academic year whose content prioritizes subjects such as digital transition, innovation (productive or in the business model), and sustainability in all the existing dimensions. The case studies will be elaborated by Nova SBE through a Field Lab and coordinated by Professors Nuno Vasconcelos and Sá e Ilya Okhmatovskiy. IAPMEI will be in charge of engaging with the associated MSE and will grant an annual award – entitled “IAPMEI Award” – to the best case study.

The present protocol is another example of how Nova SBE is a living lab where its partners can test-drive and improve their solutions, and its research community is fast-paced and flexible, developing projects and initiatives that promote the Portuguese scientific and innovation ecosystem.

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