Nova SBE Cements Its Position in the Top 15 of the Financial Times Ranking of the Best Master's in Finance, Continuing to be the Best Portuguese School
Promoted by Nova | 20 June 2021 Nova SBE Cements Its Position in the Top 15 of the Financial Times Ranking of the Best Master's in Finance, Continuing to be the Best Portuguese School

Nova SBE is, for the 10th consecutive year, the best-ranked Portuguese school in the Financial Times Master’s in Finance ranking.

In this ranking, which annually lists the best International Master’s in Finance worldwide, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) cemented the 14th position worldwide reached in 2020 and coming forth as the 13th best European school.

In this year's list, Nova SBE has a consistent score in most of the criteria evaluated, standing out in the Top 10 and Top 20 worldwide in the “International Course Experience” indicators, a criterion that assesses international internships and semester exchanges (5th best school at world and European level), at "International Mobility" (11th at world and European level), and at “Value For Money” (16th and 13th at world and European level, respectively). The estimated salary has increased significantly, from $77,846 (US dollars) annually in the 2020 ranking, to $90,000 in 2021.

Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, says that he believes that “(…) it has never been more vital to be a beacon of excellence and innovation in these challenging and rapidly changing times. Every day we strive to better prepare our students for the uncertainty of an increasingly global and disruptive job market by fostering the skills that will enable them to remain adaptable, namely at the level of sustainable development. The rankings are undoubtedly a direct result of our ambition, drive, and commitment to education.”

For Rita Cunha, Associate Dean, Pre-Experience Studies, “The International Master's in Finance maintains international recognition among the first master's degrees in Europe and worldwide. Despite the difficulties of this year and a half of the pandemic, Nova SBE maintained its strategy of focusing on the qualification of its students and on preparing them for the enormous challenges associated with growing globalization, digitization, and sustainability, as well as those resulting from the pandemic. In addition to the rigorous teaching of technical skills, the exposure of students to the market and its opportunities, and the development of leadership and responsible citizenship skills are a fundamental part of this program.”

The Nova SBE Master’s in Finance – aimed at creating analytical skills, problem-solving in Finance, developing approaches for financial institutions, and solving real challenges – is highlighted in the Financial Times ranking since 2010. It is entirely lectured in English and has innovative courses such as Sustainable Finance and Data Analytics in Finance.

The Master’s in Finance 2021 Financial Times ranking evaluates and lists the 55 best Finance Master’s worldwide, contemplating 17 indicators to classify the Master’s and the school’s quality in three major dimensions: the graduates’ career evolution, the school’s diversity, and international research and experience.

You can check the complete ranking here and find more information about the Nova SBE Master’s in Finance here.

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