Nova School of Business and Economics is now part of the CFA program
Happened at Nova | 20 October 2017 Nova School of Business and Economics is now part of the CFA program

It’s with great pride that we inform you that Nova School of Business and Economics will integrate the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program Institute. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), is a global association of investment professionals that sets the standard of excellence in the industry. CFA is, therefore, a prestigious organization that bestows institutions one of the most respected investment management designations in the world.

This program is attributed to universities with educational accreditation, which is why it is with great honor that Nova SBE will, from now on, be one of the selected universities. One of the advantages is that not only universities will benefit from this distinction, but students will also stand out by having CFA on their curriculum, which will allow them to establish themselves in the professional world with this attribute. Each university will be able to count on every resource of the CFA program, access their contents and all the opportunities the program has to offer.

By cooperating with several academic institutions worldwide, the CFA program intends to implement an ethics-based investment education, solid foundations to achieve advanced investment analysis and the necessary management skills so that students can stand out from the rest and built a career.

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