Nova SBE, alongside Cisco, at the Web Summit
Promoted by Nova | 08 November 2017 Nova SBE, alongside Cisco, at the Web Summit

Nova School of Business and Economics is part of Web Summit’s 9th edition – the biggest annual technology conference in the world – alongside the multinational Cisco Systems.

The renowned telecommunications company is participating in yet another Web Summit edition to discuss the latest trends, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and the DevNet platform. However, its participation intends, above all else, to show the work that a group of startup companies have been developing with Cisco technologies and why.

Nova SBE is currently at this company’s stand due to the development of the Experience Hub, alongside and powered by Cisco.

Nova SBE’s Experience Hub is a meeting point for people and technologies looking for solutions to business and social complex challenges. It will organize thematic debates, and will welcome companies to help them use their resources to solve their problems better. Nova SBE thus intends to offer a safe place – located at the new campus in Carcavelos – in which both people and companies will experience the latest technology and understand the impact on society, bringing the community together: academia, alumni, students, startups, investors, etc.

At this stand, Nova SBE will have students, national and international, to collect the participant’s opinions and insight on what to learn, discover and discuss at the “School of the Future.” This feedback is registered with a tablet with previously thought-out questions, and both Nova SBE and Cisco intend, with this information, to know what society thinks about the future, and discuss the most interesting subjects at Nova SBE’s Experience Hub in September 2018.

If you check the link below, you can not only see all of the survey's questions but also submit your own answers.

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