Nova SBE Launches Two New Initiatives to Support the Third Sector During COVID-19
Promoted by Nova | 06 May 2020 Nova SBE Launches Two New Initiatives to Support the Third Sector During COVID-19

During the pandemic, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) has responded with several initiatives, and a keen focus on supporting the Third Sector. Nova SBE’s community believes it has a significant role to play in addressing how non-profits and social enterprises respond to the current crisis. As such, we have created a free-to-access online database to support the Portuguese social sector.

The database includes many useful projects and initiatives, including and not limited to, sources of funding, and support to resources management – people, equipment, technology, etc. – at this challenging time. The database is aimed at both public and private organizations. We hope the database serves as a useful and easy tool for Third Sector organizations where stakeholders can come together to share solutions and suggestions – accessible by category. The database uses a simplified language and is continuously being updated by a group of volunteers from Nova SBE’s community, alongside the Social Equity Initiative team, and can be accessed here.

The Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center team and the Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center have created a survey to analyze the impact both the pandemic and the Portuguese state of emergency has had on the social sector. Launched on March 20, the survey examines the impact COVID-19 has had on social impact organizations in Portugal and seeks to propose procedures that might help these organizations. The results can be accessed here. There are already plans to relaunch the survey in June to obtain further data.

What we decide today will impact our future. We are committed at Nova SBE to stand by our mission to share and to learn.

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