Nova School of Business & Economics and Le Wagon Are Launching a New Intensive Training in Data Science
Promoted by Nova | 26 February 2020 Nova School of Business & Economics and Le Wagon Are Launching a New Intensive Training in Data Science

Nova SBE announces the official launch of its Data Science Bootcamp, an intensive training in Python for Data Science and advanced Machine Learning, in partnership with the world-leading coding bootcamp Le Wagon.

Data is the new gold.

Nova SBE aspires to bridge the gap between organizations and technology, leading the way in how to create value with data, so they have partnered with the edTech startup Le Wagon to tackle another highly promising sector: Data Science. Applications for their first bootcamp opened on the 26 February 2020 at Nova SBE’s Carcavelos Campus.

« At the beginning of Le Wagon in 2013, data wasn’t mature enough. Today this job sector is much more organized and clearer, » explains Sebastien Saunier, ex-Google engineer, CTO, and one of Le Wagon 3 co-founders.

Applications for the first cohort in Lisbon are opening on 6 February 2020, and classes will begin on 20 June 2020. The busy curriculum includes Python programming language, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural networks, Image Recognition, Data Engineering, tech Project Management and other implementations of Artificial Intelligence in business.

«We used the same model as our flagship product, with 20% theory and 80% practice on projects », says Saunier.

The training program is instructed by international data science professionals, former employees of Quora,, and Airbnb.

No diploma in science or engineering is required to get in, but a minimum amount of mathematics knowledge and some fundamentals in Python programming.

Candidates are selected through interviews validating their career plans. This bootcamp is suitable both for fresh graduates and seasoned professionals willing to gain a practical skillset on Artificial Intelligence, as well as anyone willing to boost their career with this promising field.

«Le Wagon brings an impressive track record having trained over 6000 students worldwide to date with their students going on to work for companies like PayPal, Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook.  We are excited to be joining their growing list of academic partnerships following universities like HEC and LSE,» said Lénia Mestrinho, Executive Director at Nova SBE’s Data Science Knowledge Center.

The tuition to attend Nova SBE and Le Wagon’s newest program is 5,900 euros for 9 weeks on a part-time basis - Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings, and all day Saturday.

This premium investment has a high return: data scientists are hired at 31,000€ -33,000€ at EDP, 38,000€ - 41,000€ at startups like Farfetch. According to a report by the European Commission in 2017, the number of data workers in Europe will increase by up to 10.43 million, with a compound average growth rate of 14.1% by 2020.

Coming out of the program, graduates can join a data team as a junior data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer. They know how to collect, store, clean, explore, transform, and predict Data in production environments. They have already practiced how to implement a personalized recommendations system, a search engine, an image recognition app, a supply chain optimization tool, or an e-commerce promotion & pricing app…

« Le Wagon’s ability to design intensive, agile technical curriculums that have a practical approach, coupled with Nova SBE’s multidisciplinary mindset and leadership training will only strengthen our ability to support our students and alumni in being fully equipped for the 21st-century job market, » explains Lénia Mestrinho, Executive Director at Nova SBE’s Data Science Knowledge Center.

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