Madeira Startup Retreat Program brings innovation to Tourism
Promoted by Nova | 20 December 2017 Madeira Startup Retreat Program brings innovation to Tourism

The Madeira Startup Retreat is an unprecedented initiative promoted by Startup Madeira and Turismo de Portugal, alongside Nova School of Business & Economics, namely by Nova SBE Venture Lab – Nova SBE’s Knowledge Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This project will take place in Madeira with the aim of bringing together eight national and international startups in Tourism, helping them gain more experience and, essentially, have innovative and pioneering ideas so they can have enough leverage to bring out their potential. This initiative becomes even more innovative when the chosen startups join regional and national entities to increase Tourism in the island and, consequently, in the country.

Thus, for two months, the executive team of each startup will relocate to the island, working and sharing experiences with entrepreneurs from Madeira, with founders of several successful startups and also with specialized mentors in Global Tourism from Nova SBE. Each startup will also participate in intensive networking and training events, workshops, and leisure activities.

The retreat, therefore, provides not only the ability to improve the culture and the organizations from the island of Madeira but also unique growth opportunities for all participants. Applications closed on November 30th, and the program will begin at the start of 2018.  

Given the high number of admissions, Startup Madeira has selected ten winners instead of eight. In case of drop-outs, one of the startups from the runners-up will take that position. Overall, 61 startups from 25 countries signed up for the Madeira Startup Retreat, and the list of winners is the following:

  • Cheeese (Russia)
  • Gym Nomad (The Netherlands)
  • Life Pinner (The Netherlands)
  • My Base Camp (Austria)
  • Peekaboo Guru (Pakistan)
  • Room Raccoon (The Netherlands)
  • Taxidio (India)
  • Timescenery (United Kingdom)
  • Personal Travels (Italy)
  • When in X (Macedonia)

Startup Madeira was created to support the implementation of entrepreneurial projects, as well as to boost entrepreneurship, innovation and the preservation of knowledge. It intends to assist companies while they are at their initial stages, providing dynamism to the business spectrum in Madeira. It is part of the european network of businesses and innovation centers, supported by EBN and the newly created National Network of Incubators. For this inspiring program, it has partnered with the renowned Portuguese Tourism entity – Turismo de Portugal – and with Nova SBE and one of its many initiatives, namely the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, intended to be a catalyst for innovation for national and international entrepreneurs, as well as for companies

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