Nova SBE is the #1 Portuguese Business School featured in the 2019 The Economist Rankings
Promoted by Nova | 27 June 2019 Nova SBE is the #1 Portuguese Business School featured in the 2019 The Economist Rankings

Nova SBE has once again been included in the international ranking of The Economist in the category of "Master in Management", referring to the graduating class of 2018, in a list that evaluates the performance of the Masters in Management in different business schools around the world, according to a criteria of excellence in teaching, employability, reach and diversity of recruiters, among many others.

With its "Master in International Management", Nova SBE is again in 34th place in the list of distinguished international business schools, thus equaling the achievement in 2017, and being once again the only Portuguese business school to be featured.

Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, commented the result underlining that "Today, Nova SBE and, I'm sure, the whole community is proud of this result. The position we occupy shows that we are on the right track in the consolidation of our internationalization strategy. But this measuring tool, in our view, doesn't cover the whole dimension of our intangible role and contribution as a school. It doesn't allow us to measure the impact of the daily dedication of our faculty in training our students, our staff in providing a unique and enriching experience, our Alumni in inspiring us all, and our partners in challenging and providing opportunities for students to create and experience. This is the true value that we know we are delivering to our students, the community and our country."

Rita Cunha, Associate Dean, Pre-Experience Studies of Nova SBE, explains the achievement by stating that "The international recognition of the Master in Management is a reflection of the continuous improvement of the program, both in terms of its technical and scientific content, and in the development of human skills, which aim to always prepare the leaders of the future with the motivation to learn, with ethical qualities, and with care for people and real problems. In this respect, I emphasize the satisfaction shown by the students with the culture of the school and with their colleagues, as well as with the content of the program."

Founded in 2010, the Master in International Management at Nova SBE is designed for students from any graduate background wishing to gain a management education. That is why the Master's has core courses, areas of expertise, electives, and professional development modules, where students can choose specific subjects that best suit their academic and professional goals. It's a customizable learning experience, so students can align their education and professional skills.

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