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Happened at Nova | 14 March 2018 Nova SBE Clubs

Knowing how hard it is for students to find their place in the world and how important it is for them to find somewhere they can entirely relate to and hold on to while they are learning to grow and define themselves, Nova School of Business & Economics wants students to know that there are several different options for them.

Nova School of Business & Economics has 23 clubs. 23 different clubs, each with its purposes, drives, and passions. For instance, did you know that there is a club that focuses on sustainability, green-thinking, and social impact to raise awareness in the business world? Or maybe what we're looking for is a club that aims to provide its members a hands-on experience in the Marketing area. Or perhaps what you truly want is to be surrounded by people who understand one of your biggest passions: to run. To be different is to be unique, so strive to find the right place. The possibilities are endless: Economics Without Borders, NEC - Nova Economics Club, Nova Skills Association, Nova Debate, or Nova Women in Business. The list goes on.

These are not just places where you can feel at ease, these are places that inspire you to push forward, to have a greater purpose and for that purpose do unimaginable and impactful things. This semester alone, some of the Nova SBE clubs organized 51 events, bringing different and influential guests (whether known to the public or not), putting together unique initiatives, fomenting the school’s proactivity and raising global awareness. These initiatives cover a great diversity of relevant topics, creative enterprises – whether debates on the economy, conferences on the environment, meetings that bring together the entire Nova SBE community or small charitable events to help abandoned animals – all these aiming to change society for the better. The school becomes a recognizable hub, because these clubs exist and, most importantly, because people like you become part of it, contributing to a better change.

Nova SBE may have what you are looking for, so get inspired, search for anything and everything. Experiment! We are sure that at Nova SBE, at least, there is a place for you. Be encouraged by your own passions, drives, and ambitions and search for the place that will not only take them in and support them but also make them stand out and help you grow academically and professionally.

Find your place at Nova SBE so that you can find your place in the world.

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