The First Edition of Leadership and Society will soon take place
Promoted by Nova | 04 May 2018 The First Edition of Leadership and Society will soon take place

The “Paradox & Plurality” forum, the Leadership & Society Forum’s main initiatives and one of the many activities promoted by the Leadership Chair of Fundação Amélia de Mello and Nova School of Business & Economics will soon take place.

The forum will take place May 24th and will discuss the importance of dilemmas and paradoxes in the business and economic world through an inclusive and interdisciplinary approach to research. Thus, the “Paradox & Plurality” forum invites renowned international researchers, as well as corporate executives to come up with executable problem-solving solutions for society and all of its areas.

Among the invited speakers are renowned international researchers such as Linda Putnam, Marianne Lewis, Wendy K. Smith, and Professor Miguel Pina e Cunha – who is, in fact, the leader of the Leadership Chair.

The forum is open to the public and will also count on every attendee to outline transversal dialogue strategies. The day will have the above-mentioned speakers present, an opening remark by Professor Daniel Traça, Nova SBE’s Dean, a roundtable discussion with corporate executives – entitled “Bringing paradoxical perspectives to address business and social challenge” – and interdisciplinary work sessions. To participate, you will have to register here, and any further questions you may have about the forum, its agenda, or your participation must be forwarded to the email.

This will be one of the many activities promoted by the Fundação Amélia de Mello, which intends to be recognized as a collaborative space between science and society. The Leadership & Society Forum will take place in Centro Cultural de Cascais.

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