Nova SBE Leads Copilot Implementation in Education in Portugal
Promoted by Nova | 20 June 2024 Nova SBE Leads Copilot Implementation in Education in Portugal

Nova SBE has adopted Microsoft Copilot for students, faculty, and staff. It is also Portugal's first higher education institution to implement Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365. This AI-powered solution aims to enhance productivity by providing intelligent assistance in various tasks and is now available to the entire Nova SBE academic community.

Nova SBE’s primary goal with this pioneering implementation in Portugal is to expand AI use consciously, responsibly, and securely. Besides leveraging AI to assist students, faculty, and staff in their work, the solution also ensures that user data is protected, secure, and not stored.

The pilot of the Copilot solution for Microsoft 365 by Nova SBE involved the entire management team, including some professors, the Dean, and all Executive Directors.

Dedicated to equipping its academic community with the necessary knowledge and insights to make the most of AI technologies, Nova SBE provides professors and students with a set of guidelines that clearly explain how to create positive learning environments that ensure ethical and responsible AI use.

Currently, Nova SBE already offers various AI applications to the entire community (e.g., chatbots using Open AI, real-time translation for events and/or videos). The newly available Microsoft Copilot will further allow users to summarize information, get step-by-step explanations, improve writing, perform translations, create images from texts, and receive feedback on work, among other functionalities.

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