Nova Junior Consulting Nominated for Two jeniAL Awards 2024
Awards | 06 March 2024 Nova Junior Consulting Nominated for Two jeniAL Awards 2024

Created in 2012, Nova Junior Consulting is one of the Nova SBE student clubs with the highest proximity to the corporate universe. It specializes in providing strategic, financial, and management consulting services through knowledge acquired and consolidated at the school. 

Recognized in 2023 with the "Project of the Year" award for its work on the 'Finland Energy Project', which identifies energy transition opportunities for Finnish companies in Portugal, Nova Junior Consulting wants to bring home again this year the "Project of the Year" award, but also the "Junior Company of the Year".  

The "Junior Company of the Year" award aims to distinguish companies that are at an advanced stage of development in the Portuguese Junior Movement, showing the best internal and external growth, impacting their members, clients, and other stakeholders while seeking to create a positive impact on the Junior Movement ecosystem.  

The "Project of the Year" will be awarded to the company that presents a project that has on the one hand, made an assertive contribution to the development of the skills of its members and the Junior Company and, on the other, has also delivered added value, with high-quality standards, to an external client.  

The award ceremony for the jeniAL Awards 2024 will take place in Coimbra on April 6 and 7

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