Nova SBE Celebrates International Women's Day With an Event That Marks The Start of a Wide-Ranging Initiative on Gender Disparity
Promoted by Nova | 05 March 2024 Nova SBE Celebrates International Women's Day With an Event That Marks The Start of a Wide-Ranging Initiative on Gender Disparity

Identifying and discussing the invisible barriers associated with cultural and social standards regarding the role of women in society is one of the main objectives of the event, which, throughout March 8, at Nova SBE, will encourage the co-creation of solutions capable of speeding up the end of the disparity in Portugal and the world.  According to the World Economic Forum, this issue will take 131 years to solve. 

The program includes, among other moments, the presentation of the Charter of Commitment to Gender Equality (composed and validated by +30 companies that make up the Cluster focused on Sustainable Development Goal number 5) by GRACE (an association focused on accelerating the sustainable performance of Portuguese companies) and the presentation of the main results of the McKinsey Report "Women Matter 2023" for the Portuguese Business Context.   

Among the many confirmed attendees, Jacqueline de Montaigne (a renowned muralist who is part of the world's top 100) will be presenting first-hand the new mural she created for International Women's Day on a building next to Nova SBE, Ariana Simões de Almeida (gender equality specialist at the United Nations) who will present the historical evolution of the problem, highlighting the main vital concepts and systemic barriers that slow down the pace of change; and Professor Jenny Hoobler (specialist in Diversity and Inclusion at Nova SBE), who will present the main issues currently being researched in this area.   

Mind the (Gender) Gap closes with a co-creation session with the audience that will result in winning projects that address the problem of gender disparity and that Nova SBE proposes to implement, delivering results the following year (March 8, 2025).   

"The fight for gender equality cannot be simplified to a question of gender representation. It's a complex problem that requires a systemic and continuous approach," says Daniela Afonso, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Nova SBE. She adds, "At Nova SBE, we are committed to being a platform that promotes reflection on the issue and the necessary deconstruction of mentalities that perpetuate an unequal role for women in our society".   

March 8, 2024, marks the start of Nova SBE's extended initiative dedicated to Gender Disparity. For one year, the school is committed to creating initiatives and implementing actions that foster debate and discussion on issues related to gender equality, such as critical challenges for economic progress, women's progression to leadership positions and professional advancement, obstacles to accessing the labor market, recognition of work, work-life balance, pay discrepancies, academic training, among others. 

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